''For your solar power construction, we are the best choice''

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''With us, the world leaps''

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About Semyeong Enterprise Company Limited

Greetings from the CEO
Welcome to the official website of Semyeong Enterprise Company Limited.
I am Lee Tae Ki, CEO.

First of all, thank you for having interest Semyeong Company. I sincerely appreciate you.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have been in the fields of railway, light way, railway electrical & signalling construction, solar energy power, import and export of goods via our Semyeong Trading Plaza, etc.

Also, we are an establishment of industry-university cooperation system as a company specialized in training railway signal engineering staffs & students in the field. We have been making efforts to cultivate human resources for the development of our parnering country.

We are a leading company in railway electric and signalling field based on technology and abundant construction experience in the Republic of Korea.

Finally, I would like to say, we are ready and willing to strengthen our position with interested partners in any part of the world.

Thank you!

Our Services

Railway Signal Construction

Semyeong Enterprise Company Limited established in December, 2002, has undertaken Railway Signaling construction in the Daegu metropolitan area and other places in the Republic of Korea

Railway Electric Construction

Since the company's inception in 2002, it was also registered as a member of Korea Electric Railway Technical Association and has undertake numerous projects in several provinces in the Repulic of Korea

Solar Power Energy                    

We also convert light energy of the sun through solar power technology construction and complete reports on the installation of new and renewable energy facilities in several provinces in the Republic of Korea

General Electric Construction

Transformed into a corporation of Semyeong Electric Co., Ltd. and has since undertaken several projects in the field of general electical construction through out the Republic of Korea

Professional Design & Supervision

We have undertaken several on-site supervision of railway signals with the construction and maintenance of the Western Headquarters railway signal facility in the Metropolitan areas of the Reoublic of Korea

Energy Service Company(ESCO) Construction

We have executed Energy Service Company (ESCO) Investment Projects for the Korean Army Business Administration of the Republic of Korea

Faq Question

We are a company specialized in railway electrical & signalling field, solar energy power constructions and the field of export & import of goods..

We undertake projects from design stage, planning, supervision and execution in railway electrical & signalling field, solar energy power constructions and the field of export & import of goods. aperiam sint nulla beatae eos.

For your safety subway & railway construction, we are the best choice. For your Perfect solar power energy construction, we are the best choice. With us, the world leaps.

We have confidence and trust for our customers and clients. It takes two to tango. Our goal is to live well together. Lets go go


Since 2002, we have designed, planned, constructed and in some case renovated several railway electrical & signalling facilities and solar energy power installations across several provinces in the Republic of Korea


Our Research and Development department in collaboration with the team of engineers and railway signaling experts caries out the planning for all our projects in the various province of the Republic of Korea


Since 2002, the company has designed, planned and successfully executed over fourty-one (41) projects across the various provinces of the Repulic of Korea


We look forward to a Business cooperation with you...


The image below reprents our company's organizational structure.

CEO / President

Lee, Tae-Gi

Vice President

Yea, Jong-Kwan

General Manager

Lee, Chang-Yeol

Foreign Trade Liaison Officer

Richard Zinleri


Semyeong Trading

Semyeong Company History

1. 2018. 05. Registered "Semyeong Trading plaza"

2. 2017. 05. Changed the name from "Semyeong Corporation"

3. 2017. 09. Established Research & Development Center

4. 2013. 09. Registered as an Energy Service Company (ESCO)

5. 2013. 07. Obtained OHSAS 18001 safety and health management system

6. 2013. 07. Acquired ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system

7. 2012. 03. Registered as a member of Korea Electric Railway Technical Association

8. 2012. 03. Transformed into a corporation of Semyeong Electric Co., Ltd.

9. 2010. 07. Report on the installation of new and renewable energy facilities

10. 2010. 06. Acquired license for professional fire fighting facility construction business

11. 2005. 08. Acquired license for uninterrupted construction

12. 2003. 11. Registered as a member of Korea Railroad Signal Technology Association

13. 2002. 12. Established SEMYEONG


Railway signaling system field work

Railway Signalling system field work innovation on the Gyeongbuk province railway track, Republic of Korea. We carried out this project to avoid trouble shooting by replacing the old facilities with newer parts for effective signalling system for our railway drivers.

Railway signaling interlocking system

This is a Railway signalling inerlocking system distributor panel renovation works at the Gyeongbuk province railway facility, Reublic of Korea. This renovation work wwas carried out in order to fix new switch signalling facility for an effective running of the rail signal system.

Railway Signalling System ''Junction Box'' Replacement

This is a Railway Signalling system junction box replacement on the Gyeongbuk province track, Republic of Korea. This project was carried out to replace old cables with newer ones in order to prevent trouble shooting of the signalling facilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As part of our CSR, the company's trading department frequently embarks on a volunteer activity at the Home for the Aged in the Daegu Metropolitan areas, Republic of Korea.

Solar Power generation system

Solar Power generation system is a future-friendly energy-free generator that converts solar energy into electric energy with zero fuel, no pollution, noiseless and uses the sun only.

CSR financial sponsorship to the Ghanaian Community

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) extends to foreigners living in the Republic of Korea as well. The Vice-President of Semyeong Enterprise Company on this occassion received an award from the Ghanaians in Korea & Associates (GHASKA) during its 2nd Innovation Conference held in Daejeon, Republic of Korea.

Welcome to our semyeong ent. company

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